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Friday, February 23, 2007 

Why waterjet?

Big Blue Saw has focused on bringing our customers the best online waterjet service available. I'm often asked by friends and potential customers why we use waterjet cutting to make our parts. The waterjet cutting process offers several advantages:
  • Waterjet cutting works with a wide variety of materials, including nearly all plastics and metals.
  • The stock material is mostly unaffected by the cutting process. Little heat, for example, is generated by a waterjet cutter.
  • Nearly any two dimensional shape can be cut from stock material.
  • The accuracy is high enough for most ordinary purposes.
  • You can design parts using common 2D CAD or drawing programs, making it more accessible to non-specialists.
  • Its easy operation and simple design lower costs.
Our long-term goals do include offering other types of machining and manufacturing. Waterjet cutting does have its limitations, but I figured that it was the best technology to start Big Blue Saw with.


Great idea, and a great site. Now I have to design something to experiment with!

Is it possible to etch a thicker material, creating a pattern (that does not cut all the way through)?



Thanks for the kind words dennis.

Yes, etching is possible as a special order. Contact us for details.

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