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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 

The Makezine Effect

The Make Magazine blog linked to Big Blue Saw yesterday. The increased traffic was really hard on our poor web server. It's good to have that kind of attention, though.

Phillip Torrone, one of Make's editors, also contacted me about working more closely with Make in the near future. So look for more collaborations there soon. Also, he told me about an interesting website: Instructibles. It's a collection of interesting, do-it-yourself type projects.

I've made some tweaks to how PNGs are processed based upon the types of files that people have uploaded so far. This will be tweaked even further as more files are uploaded and I figure out what people are expecting. If you are trying to make a part from a PNG, here are a couple of quick tips until I get the help files done:

  • Use a white background

  • Use black for where you want the part to be

  • Don't outline; fill in the area where you want the material to be

  • Don't use antialiasing

  • Don't use alpha transparency